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02/25/16 by Sabrina Pierre

Whats a flood zone???

MLS lis ti n gs wi ll often adverti se "flood zone C" that a good thing? Most consumers have little e xperience with this subject, so here is a bit of information and clarification.  According to  ( http://ww  )  Flood hazard areas identified on the Flood Insurance Rate Map (aka FIRM) are identified as a Special Flood... More >

02/18/16 by Sabrina Pierre

Whats My Home Worth??

To find an estimate of your homes market value, click HERE . Remember, this is just an estimate, and is only as reliable as the data input and underlying data. Contact Sabrina HERE for a professional opinion of market value. Happy Hunting! More >

02/11/16 by Sabrina Pierre

4 Things Your Realtor Wants You to Know NOW! (Seller Edition)

Let's address the elephant in the middle of the room. Figuratively, and literally...if necessary. For some sellers, the "elephant" is an abundance of silk floral arrangements, for some it is personalized or dated decor, your porcelain doll collection, grandmas teapots, your mounted exotic animals, velveteen jesus, or even better would be the velveteen Donald Trump... More >

02/04/16 by Sabrina Pierre

4 Things Your Realtor Wants You to Know NOW! (Buyer Edition)

There are LOTS of things we want you to know that you will wish you knew before you did them, especially if you are planning on buying a home. For the sake of time, here are my top 4: 4. Don't be late! Make all payments on time. This is crucial to your qualification for a loan. 12 months of no late payments will be a MUST. 3. Don't open or close any accounts. The age of your open... More >

01/28/16 by Sabrina Pierre

Do I really need a Home Inspector or a Home Appraiser

In a word, YES! A home inspector is a licensed professional ( hired by the home buyer to inspect the systems of a home (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, structural, etc) in an effort to help the buyer make an informed decision on overall condition of the property. The cost of a home inspection is paid by the buyer and is usually based on the total square footage of the... More >

07/16/15 by Sabrina Pierre

Wooden Countertops, the new Granite

Whether they are polished and refined, or rough and rugged; ...I've been smitten over wood counter tops for several years now. It seems that the Real Estate trend Gods have finally caught up with my (not so) progressive thought process. I first saw them in the Apothecary shop in Jamestown, Virginia. Go figure, it is an exact replica of the late 1700's. (Clue: the glass... More >

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